Table of Content

v1.3.0 Utility Miners - Early Q1 In-progress

v1.3.1: Improve UI/UX for Utility Miners - 2023-02-23

v1.3.2: New Notifications and Updates page, Improve UI - 2023-03-15

v1.4.0 Add Mining Calculators, Coins, Pools and Exchanges. - Q2

Finally introduce mining profitability for our GPUs! This will come with a handful of new pages such as Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges, Pools, and variety of profitability calculators.

v1.5.0 ASICs integration - Q2/Q3

v1.6.0 CPUs integration - Q3

v1.7.0 Better & More Reliable Data - Q4

📌 Quick Access

v1.3.0: Introduce Utility Miners

v1.3.1: Improve UI/UX for Utility Miners