<aside> 💡 Adding a utility miner to our website is a multi-step process. First we add the utility miner and then we review the project. Please keep in mind that you still need to do your own research. miningchamber.com content should never be taken as financial advice. If a miner is not verified that means we are not 100% sure about the profitability numbers provided. This process is still subject to changes as we optimize things.


Adding a new utility miner

Utility Miners - Adding to the website.png

  1. Form submission, a utility miner creator or vendor submits a form to be listed on miningchamber.com.
  2. Review data, we give a quick glance to fact check information before we start adding it to our platform.
  3. If it is a new Crypto project:
    1. Yes, we add the cryptocurrency and the miner to our database.
    2. No, we add the miner to our database and link it with the pre-existing crypto that it mines.
  4. Publish the new miner, now you will be able to find the new miner on the website - now we move on to the reviewing process.

Reviewing a utility miner

Utility Miners - Reviewing the Miner.png

  1. Get the physical product, whether the company decides to send us one or we buy one when we can. Companies that send the product will be reviewed first.
  2. If it is a new Crypto project:
    1. Yes, go through the Cryptocurrency Project Breakdown process, then perform the Miner Review process.
    2. No, continue with the Miner Review process.
  3. Start the Miner Review process once we receive the Miner.
    1. Unboxing and setup
    2. Testing for at least 2 weeks until we get enough results
  4. Publish Miner Review and update inaccurate information.

Advertising a utility miner

There will be a few ways to advertise such as:

  1. Website advertisements (popups, in-content, and more)
  2. YouTube adrols or dedicated videos.